As of June 2020, we reached our Annual Campaign goal – with a total of $26, 249.40! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Our new campaign will be starting in July.

The Science & Discovery Center is a great investment for whatever you can give! Join us in supporting the cost-effective programming of the Science & Discovery Center.

School districts in our region continue to value our programs and need our help now more than ever. Let’s do what we can to boost science learning. Our Science & Discovery Center educators know hands-on learning is the best. Let’s support their efforts and help keep the science lab rolling.

For those who have supported our programming in the past, we invite you to stay on board with us as we continue to deliver hands-on science, technology, engineering and math programs.

We need our children to pursue careers in these important fields. Let’s make it happen together!

Donation Opportunities

  • Program supplies $25
  • General program support $50
  • Summer Camp Scholarship $100
  • One-Hour Hands-On, In-school, or After-school Science Lessons $100
  • Family Science Night at Your Neighborhood School $500
  • Science Show at Your School or Community Event $250
  • One-Day on the Mobile Science Lab $1,300
  • One Summer STEM Program Week $4,000


Recyclable cansDrop off your recyclables at Rey’s Redemption in Corning, and mention you’d like to donate the deposits to the SDC!