Summer of Innovation 2019

Scholarships are available! More information will be available when you register.

Here are our summer programs for 2019:

Race Camp (Grades 3-5)
@ Clute Park, Watkins Glen
July 8-12, 8:30- 12:30
Build and race model cars! Learn how to build lots of model racers – an air-powered racer, a mousetrap-powered racer, a CO2-powered racer – and others! We will use soda bottles, foam board, hot glue, and everything we can to make racers you can take home.
This camp is sponsored by Watkins Glen International RACE Foundation
Cost $50

Jr Science Explorers (Grades 1-2)
@ Spencer Crest Nature Center
July 8-12, 8:30-11:30
ALL NEW ACTIVITIES! Explore something new every day! This year, camp focuses on being “Green” and eco-friendly. Learn what makes plants grow best, plant your own seeds in recycled containers, make bio-degradable plastic, and make paper from scraps. Hiking and nature walks will be a daily adventure.
Cost $75

Science Explorers (Grades 3-5)
@ Spencer Crest Nature Center
July 15-19, 8:30-12:30
NEW ACTIVITIES! Explore a different science topic each day at this activity-packed camp. We will look at the science of nature, make chemical reactions happen, build engineering projects, make electrical circuits, use math to construct cool paper gadgets, and take nature hikes and play outdoor games.
Cost $100

Game Designers (Grades 4-6)
New location:

@ Corning Youth Center
79 Flint Avenue, Corning
July 22-26, 8:30- 12:30
Do you like to play board and card games? Spend the week learning how to design and build your own indoor and outdoor games. Have fun trying out games, and take home what you create!
Cost $100

Chemistry (Grades 5-7)
@Spencer Crest Nature Center
July 29-Aug 2, 8:30- 12:30
What do slime, glow sticks, and batteries all have in common? Chemistry in action! Join us as we experiment with chemical reactions that will make things change color, fizz, appear, or disappear before your very eyes!
Cost $100

Ken Keith Engineering (grades 4-7)
@ Arnot Mall
August 5-9, 8:30- 12:30
Build and take home some engineering structures – like bridges and domes – and see what the engineering process is like! What kind of shapes are important for engineering? Is the materials you use as important as how you put them together? If you like building, sign up!
Cost $100

Intro to Cooking (Grades 3-4)
@ Corning Painted Post Middle School
Aug 5 – 9, 8:30- 12:30
Welcome to the basics skills of cooking. The week will focus on learning the necessary skills to cook, including knife safety and proper measuring, all while making delicious recipes that are easy to make at home!
Cost $125

Cooking (Grades 5-8)
@ Corning Painted Post Middle School
August 12-16, 8:30-12:30
Prepare and taste recipes for a different snack, meal or dessert each day. Learn to follow a recipe, and write your own original recipes! Test your creative recipes by cooking and tasting each new dish. On Friday, compete in a pie-making contest! Spend a day cooking with a professional Chef from Wegmans.
Cost: $125


Camps are done for the summer – see you next year!



All registrations are non-refundable.

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What is Summer of Innovation?

Several organizations from across the Southern Tier have united to offer unique learning opportunities for children and young adults during the summer months. These organizations have a common goal of extending the traditional school year into a third summer semester. Our offerings have another purpose as well – to provide students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills that are essential to their success in the future.

Partnering organizations include:

  • Alfred State College
  • Alfred University
  • Arnot Health/Central New York Area Health Education Center
  • Elmira College
  • MST Connect
  • Notre Dame High School
  • The National Soaring Museum
  • The Science & Discovery Center
  • Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum
  • Wings of Eagles Discovery Center

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