Thank You!

Many of you have been with us the whole way, at every turn in the road; others have just come on board. Together we have been able to make a sizable contribution to STEM education for our students by delivering engaging, hands-on science programs, just as our mission stated in 1994.

As we celebrate our successes we want to pay tribute to the two Sullivan Park employees, Jacqueline L. Brown and Linda H. Marks, who planted the seed for a hands-on science center in 1992. Fast forward to today and we find their motivation for this project remains the same:

“Science and math literacy is key to both our individual and our country’s future. Yet by junior high school many students dismiss science and math as too difficult and boring. These children grow to be adults who are uninvolved and fearful of science and technology. This places them and the nation at a disadvantage for effectively responding to issues of global competition, environment and public policy.”

The last twenty four+ years have shown us that hands-on science works; students are engaged and ask for more. Tightened education budgets have resulted in limited in-school experiential math and science opportunities, so we are meeting this gap with effective programs funded by grants, individuals and business sponsors.

Your donation not only provides monetary support, but shows our prospective business and foundation donors that the local community supports our role in providing strong science, technology, engineering, and math education.

With your help, we can continue to bring experiential science and math to our students!

Dr. Mark Taylor
President, Science & Discovery Center