Community Events & Science Shows

The Science & Discovery Center participates in various community events throughout the year.

Some recent events included a STEAM Ahead Chemung; Science Show at Appleridge Senior Living Center; Strong Kids Safe Kids; Wegmans Back-to-School Safety Day; and Endless Mountain Music Festival, Young Composer.

If you are interested in having us participate at your next community event in our area, we invite you to contact us.

Science entertainment at its best!
  • Science, Math & Music
  • Science of Toys
  • General Science
  • Air Pressure, Electricity, and More
  • Rockets, Gravity, and More

  • Polymers, Fire Tornado, and More

Show Details:
  • Emphasizes the scientific method
  • Great for large groups
  • Lots of audience participation
  • Shows run 45 to 60 minutes
  • For all ages!
  • Using both ordinary materials and scientific equipment to teach science concepts